Ajani Tut's tragic yet heart warming story... he's truly an inspiration!

(Ah-jan NEE)...meaning "he who wins struggles" it's of African origin.

"Born February 26, 2010"


Our hearts are with this precious boy through a most difficult recovery... we will do everything we can to make it as smooth and confortable as possible!

We will continue to make updates here...all your thoughts and prayers are appreciated more than you know!


A special thanks to all the wonderful emails and well wishes Ajani Tut has received... they truly mean so much!


May 2, 2010 -

HORRIFIED to find one of our beautiful kittens limping with a loose leg! I knew RIGHT AWAY that it was BROKEN!! Surprisingly he didn't appear to be in any pain whatsoever! It was a beyond sad, sad day!

May 3, 2010 -

Arriving at Dr. Leah's office first thing in the morning she gave him some anesthetic so she was able to examine him and get a good x-ray of his leg. As soon as she slid the x-ray into the light box on the wall I bust into tears!! The break was right through! Dr. Leah informed me that because the break was just below the hip bone and straight across, verses diagonally, he would need a pin/plate put in as well as an external metal brace that wrapped around his leg and screwed into the bones to hold it in place so no movement would rotate or move it as it healed. This would require a minimum of 8 weeks of being confined to a small kennel as well as many vet visits, x-rays to make sure it was all set properly and antibiotics to ensure no infection. We also had no way of knowing what complications would arise along the way or how much nerve damage was already done to his leg!

Femur Fracture

She sent over his x-rays to the surgeon and waited for the quote. With everything racing through my head I was faced with some of the hardest decisions and my head was SPINNING out of control! We just couldn't live with ourselves with the option of putting this baby to sleep, it just wasn't fair! I can not begin to tell you how many hours I have cried!! We only want what is best for him. Was it fair to put this poor baby through such an extensive surgery and then recovery...I didn't feel it was fair that we took his life either! The quote came in at $2800 to $3500! WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO!!!!!

Dr. Leah suggested that she amputate his leg as the surgery to repair his leg and recovery would be far more extensive and painful. Said amputation would be much better than putting him to sleep! Said that cats with three legs (especially loosing a back) live a very normal life and you would never know that he only had three legs! She told me about a cat named Priscilla who was dropped off at her clinic to be euthanized as they couldn't afford the amputaion. Dr. Leah just couldn't put this sweet kitty to sleep being that she was totally healthy so she decided to go ahead with the surgery!

Priscilla awoke from the surgery purring and as soon as Donna, one of the staff members saw her... she just had to take her home! That was four years ago and Priscilla is doing GREAT! Lives with other cats and dogs and has no problems at all!

Dr. Leah had Donna give me a call to help ease some of the questions that were swirling around in my head! It was so wonderful to talk to Donna as she reassured me that amputating his leg wouldn't change who he was... explained that I would be amazed at how well he would do!

Dr. Leah reassured me once again, along with so many others, that it is best to have this poor boys leg amputated... So with beyond breaking hearts he is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning.

May 4, 2010 -

I have to say this is "the hardest decision" I have ever had to make! The fate of this sweet boy lay in our hands... and we refused to let him go!!

His strength and determination is truly inspiring! Through all the tears and emotions we have been experiencing... he hasn't shown any sign of pain or stress. He has continued to purr and headbutt us all... even been kneading his paws.

We just dropped him off early this morning where he greeted all the staff with excitment! I know he is in the best of hands!! We pray his surgery goes well!

May 4th 1:45pm -

After what seemed like an eternity... I just received the call we have been anxiously waiting for... Dr. Leah said the surgery was all done and had gone VERY, VERY WELLl! Said he did so amazingly and even woke up purring! We are to bring him home later this evening... we can't wait to give him a GREAT BIG HUG!!!!

May 4th 6:45pm -

We were there right at 5:30 to pick him up and Dr. Leah greeted us just as we came through the door! She was beyond thrilled at how well he did through the surgery and was amazed at how quickly he came out of the anesthetic... never would you have thought he just had major surgery!! As they brought him to us he was stuck to the front of the kennel with all purrs... I poked my finger through and he started to rub his head back and forth with great force looking for some love!

Once we arrived home we wrapped him in a nice warm fuzzy blanket and held him and gave him lots of hugs and kisses... he soaked it all up!! He literally hasn't stopped purring! I now know we truly did the right thing! He hasn't changed one bit... just because he is missing a leg, doesn't make him any different inside! He's still that same ball of fur that is always happy to see everyone! I can assure you he's certainly going to be VERY SPOILED!!!!

Look at this boy!!! He was so excited when we gave him his sparkle ball!

He rolled it around and even got excited!

Such a special moment...!

May 4th 10:15pm -

All I can say is my heart is EXPLODING! I just can't put into words how all the draining pain and mixed emotions that I have gone through these past few days have been subsided by the unconditional love this boy have given us! He shows no pain... no heartache... no distress whatsoever! He has even wanted to PLAY and we can't get over how much spunk he has!!! What more could I have asked for? I just wanted to know that I made the right decision and he has more than reassured me of that!

He hasn't stopped purring!!!! More photos below...

We were somewhat worried about how the surgery would affect our children aged 13 and almost 16... but the minute they saw his purring face their hearts FLEW!!! They can't get any homework done as they can't seem get enough headputts!! As they talk to him softly his eyes close slightly in contentment as you can see him smiling inside.

Amazingly he is using his litter box and able to walk around within the confines of his small kennel. He needs to stay confined for several days for stitches to really heal before he is free to walk around... and he's all ready wanting to get out and PLAY!! His eyes BULGE when he sees all the toys!!!

He has eaten a wonderful dinner and continues to eat his crunchies! I gave him some water and he stuck his foot in it to see where the level was before he had a drink! Sooooo CUTE!!

I am going to post some photos below... but don't want to disturb anyone. So please don't scroll down if you think the photos may bather you. AMAZINGLY.. he certainly doesn't show any signs whatsoever of being affected by the fact he has lost a leg... he's a REAL TROOPER and an INSPIRATION TO US ALL!!!

May 5th 9:15am -

What a MORNING!!! Greeted by the most amazing purrs as I lifted him from his kennel for some love. He literally climbed up my chest to give me the most intense headbutts! Those kneading paws were going a mile a minute! He's just such a HAPPY kitten!!

Squirming in my arms with such energy I placed him on the carpet ever so carefully with my arms wrapped around so I could see how he balanced... and he literally ever so gracefully JUMPED OVER MY ARMS and happily ran off! It was as if he was walking on all fours!! Balance problems?... NONE!!! UNBELIEVABLE! I was so taken back that I could hardly breath! I walked across the room and scooped the purring motor machine into my arms and boy did he get some GREAT BIG KISSES!!

As much as we would love to let his run around Dr. Leah says that he needs time to heal. Too much exercise right now may cause swelling and delayed healing of his incision. Not only does the skin on the outside needs to heal but the muscles on the inside. She has said he can have short periods to move around in a screen cat tent that we have... it's about 3 x 5, but not for long. Once his stitches come out in about 10 days.. he will have freedom!

Again he shows no sign of being in any pain nor does he show any signs of emotional distress! He's eating and drinking well, using his litter box and continues to BLOW OUR MINDS with DISBELIEF!! Our hearts are exploding right now!

May 5th 7:35pm -

Well what can I say... he's FULL OF BEANS!! You would think his motor would run out... Nope, NOT A CHANCE!! You would think he would be some what worn out with everything he has been through... Nope, NOT A CHANCE!!!

I had given him a feather toy earlier to play with and ended up having to take it away because he was getting TOO EXCITED with it! So after a 15 minute walk around in his screen tent he was back for a good snooze in his kennel to get some rest. I warmed up his little warming pack and he lays right on top of it every time... He really finds it comforting and it calms him right down.

More great news... his incision isn't bothering him one bit! It's clean, no redness, no bruising and no swelling! ...YEAH!!

So with LEAPS and BOUNDS he continues to do so incredibly well!

May 5th 10:30pm -

I have to say this is equally heart warming!

This precious boy was spoken for before he was even born by a WONDERFUL family who owns another one of our kitties. The family wanted a blue boy so if there was one in the next litter... he was theirs! The day had finally arrived when two beautiful blue kittens were born! It was beyond exciting for them to know the 12 week count down for him to come home had just begun!

So the family has been anxiously waiting 9 long weeks... with only 3 weeks left till he was able to come home! Below are some of the photos I sent them every two weeks to they could enjoy watching him grow and create many memories of him as he grows older. You can only imagine how devastated they were when they received the tragic news of his accident! As DEVASTATED as we were!!

I have been sending them updates and never expected them to still want to take him... I offered to send their deposit back as well as another kitten. They needed time to think things through as this was quite the unexpected blow to have to take so suddenly! Just not something you think about happening!

With much thought they sent me this...

"...we all decided that we do still want him. He is still an Abby , with the Abby soul and all the unique character traits that we have come to love. Four legs or three does not change that!"

It had me in tears once again! Of Course there were many unanswered questions.. How would "he" do with the other cats? How would the other cats do with him being different? How would he be able to play with the other cats? As much as they wanted him they also wanted to think about what was best for him and their other cats...

Their vet has reassured them that there shouldn't be any problems. That there are lots of three legged dogs and cats with other four legged siblings and do just fine. We have heard from so many others that say the same thing!

Today I received another email saying that they still wanted to pay for him to help offset the vet costs! Unbelievable! Most people wouldn't have even considered taking him, let alone paying for him! As kind of an offer as that was, I just don't feel right charging them for him with everything he has just gone through. The vet bills are peanuts considering how blessed we are to have experienced such a little treasure!! He has touched our lives in so many ways!! We have allot to learn from this little bundle of joy!

The family is thinking of the perfect name for him... Something really special. So if anyone has any ideas please send them and i'll be happy to forward them on.

I thank the family for opening their hearts and home for this special boy! He couldn't be going to a more wonderful home!

May 6th -

Sure lots of wonderful greetings every morning from this little one! He loves the special time we have when I lay him on his back on my lap and give him a full body and ear massage! Aby's LOVE their ears rubbed!! He just lays there soaking it all in, kneading his paws and purring away!

There is no stopping this furball... he certainly doesn't want you feeling sorry for him!

May 7th -

Being cooped up for so long his energy level is getting so much crazier! He just wants to GO...GO...GO!!! He doesn't know what to do with all his pent up energy and being a furball with tiny SHARP CLAWS... you can only imagine what my hands are starting to look like. I can't resist cause he's just too cute!! He's just SO PLAYFUL right now and we are trying to keep him calm... YA RIGHT... an ABYSSINIAN KITTEN STAY CALM!!! HA HA... just not possible!!

Although a rare moment below was captured as I carefully snuck up and caught him sleeping!

Caught him right in the middle of a cat-nap!

All pooped out from chasing his tail!

We moved his screen tent closer to our 90 gallon aquarium so he could watch all the tropical fish. He sits nice and quiet while watching his kitty TV!! He finds it very entertaining and a great way to pass the time! I enjoy picking him up and together sitting in front of the tank. The fish are very brave and swim right up to him to check him out... they LOVE to tease the cats!!. It's so cute to watch his curious little face and wonder what he is thinking.

Kitty TV at it's finest!

Our fish love bugging the cats!

While he is watching the fish we are able to leave him in the tent a little longer. As long as he is relaxing and not playing around to rough, otherwise he has to go back to his kennel and rest.

He certainly isn't bothered by sleeping on his stitches cause he'll just flop down and stretch right out! AMAZING considering what has just been done only 2 days ago!!!

Look at that face!!

Earlier his evening he had us all in stitches laughing watching him chase and play with his tail! He is quite the character! This afternoon he was in the screen tent when I unzipped it just enough to give him fresh water and he ZOOMED through the hole and shot across the room ready to take on the world!! He was so happy to run free! He just never ceases to amaze us all!

We keep saying to each other over and over... "WOW, can you believe how well he is doing?...How well he is getting around?" It's only been two full days since his surgery and he still acts like nothing has happened! His stitches remain VERY clean, no redness, no bruising and no seeping at all. He doesn't even touch them... what a GOOD BOY!

Oh and the family has all decided on a name and I really think it suits him! Ajani (Ah-jah NEE) meaning "he who wins struggles" ...It's of African Origin. Their daughter wanted Tut to be added to it as well.. which i think is SOOOO cute! So his official name will be Ajani Tut! Just PURR-FECT!!

May 10th -

Ajani Tut continues to do very well! Incision looks great, no swelling or anything and he hasn't touched any of his stitches. We have been letting him stay longer in the tent as long as he is spending lots of time resting in his bed. He really enjoys it in there!!

Another photo that I had to sneak up on! As soon as he sees you coming, he comes running! So it's hard to get snooz'in photos! He's always so happy to see everyone!

This way he is able to get up and walk around but isn't going crazy. He has gotten out a few times when we are cleaning his litter box or serving his meals... and I must say he's getting harder to catch! He thinks it's a game! We took some photos of him Sunday just as he got ou... as he was so excited to be playing with a few toys that were scattered on the floor. He went from one toy to the next... It was TOO CUTE!!


He LOVES this mouse tou!

He was so excited to find a straw!! They make one of the best cat toys!!

We really enjoy packing him around on his back while rubbing his tummy... as soon as someone comes up to say "Hi" to him, Ajani reaches up with his paws and touches your face. He is normally quite gentle. Our children have really taken to him as he's just such so "happy"all the time! He has so much expression in his face which makes you melt just looking at him. He's continues to do VERY, VERY WELL!! Way to go Ajani Tut!!

May 12th -

There isn't a day that goes by that Ajani Tut doesn't put a smile upon our faces! Looking back to just over a week ago when I was faced with one of the biggest decisions, I knew I needed to pull myself together and be strong to be able to help Ajani through all he was about to experience loosing a leg... I have to say it's been completely the opposite! It's Ajani Tut that has pulled all of us through this! He never once has made us feel sorry for him... it's as if he's smiling all the time. Every morning we are greeted with such loving headbutts and purrs and a "Good Morning" as he softly touches his foot to our face.

"Good Morning Stephanie!" xo

I also have to say this has been such a life learning experience to us all! Especially our children as we really weren't sure how they would handle it!

Ajani has shown us that you take things as they come and continue to move forward through the difficult times! It's how you deal with what life puts in your path... and to focus on the positive! Be happy for what you have and not what you don't have... we are very blessed that Ajani Tut has touched our lives in so many ways!

He's well on his way to recovery and gets his stitches out on Tuesday, May 18th. Everyone at our vets office is so excited to see him again!!

May 18th - (14 days from surgery - Stitches Out)

WOW!!! WE have quite the updates to share...

His favourite mouse toy with feather for a tail.

First off , today everyone at our vets was so excited to see Ajani Tut again. Dr. Leah Montgomery did a thorough exam and took out his stitches. Everything has healed so well and she was very please with the muscle mass around his bone (hip area) which is needed to protect him. He was purring and headbutting the entire time she was taking out his stitches!!

He's now officially allowed to run loose more often and strengthen his muscles back up. If all goes well he may be able to go to his new home around June 18th when he is 16 weeks old. This will give him a chance to gain some strength, grow and put on more weight. Although we will reevaluate everything as we get closer to see what is best for Ajani Tut.

We are enjoying every minute we have with him and only want to send him home when he is fully ready and strong enough! Surprisingly he is doing very well (see below).

Later in the evening we let Ajani and our new boy Taiko play, and you should have seen Ajani's face!! Well the two of them had a absolute blast! After about 4 or 5 minutes I had to separate them as they were "BOTH" getting too rough!

It was AMAZING to see Ajani Tut so into play fighting, giving it right back full force and wanting more! It sure looks rough but no one was letting out any yelps so they weren't hurting each other.

Look at Ajani instigating more! He wasn't backing away at all! Quite the feisty little guy especially with the size difference!

After about 4 or 5 minutes I separated them so Ajani could have a break. He snoozed for hours after... :o)

May 19th -

This morning it was time for more freedom... "OH Yes, all those WONDERFUL TOYS!"

I must say his engery level has really increased! He is getting more rough in play from not being able to run off his energy over the past couple of weeks. He even ran out and attacked my leg as I was walking by.. unfortunately his nails are VERY SHARP and I don't want to clip them as it gives him something to hang on with. He relies on them more than ever right now...

Nothing slows him down!! We have had to limit his loose time and if he doesn't slow down we have to put him in his tent to have a break! We certainly don't want him injuring is other leg! Look at him... what a "HAM"!!! Kittens are so much fun... four legs, three legs... he doesn't seem to care!

Look at how well he is balancing... It has been 15 days today since he had the surgery to have his leg amputated.

Taking a tiny break...


He will play and play and play ALL DAY LONG if we let him! Take a look at the next set of photos... he never ceases to amaze us all!! After a good break from this mornings romp I let him out again just before the kids came home from school, this time he was SO EXCITED when he found a furry mouse and dragged it around and around. I must say I was in complete horror as you will see in the next series of photos...

LOOK AT THIS!!! Right before my eyes he flew up the back of the couch with his mouse in his mouth! He had no problems at all!! You should have seen how proud he was! I was so shocked I wasn't sure if i should stop him or let him enjoy and explore his own boundaries? I'm sure if it hurt in any way, he would stop.

Right up to the top...

...and over the other side!!

Right back up and he is still so proudly packing the mouse in his mouth!!

...and back over the other side! He hasn't dropped the mouse and hasn't slowed down!

...running full out across the kitchen floor!!

...only to go right back up once again!

Once he realized he could climb, then it became a game... Up AGAIN... DOWN AGAIN!!

...UP AGAIN!! This time looking for his mouse?



Ajani Tut... All PROUD and POOPED OUT!!!

...what an accomplishment!! Look at his happy face!! He continues to be a joy to watch each and every day! He's just out to have fun... ALL THE TIME!!!

May 26th -

Last Sunday we celebrated my mom's birthday. Ajani was enjoying some playtime or shall I say crazy time when eventually he tuckered himself out and curled up in my mothers arms. We had to postpone the cake, coffee and presents as my mom was thoroughly enjoying him zonked in her arms and didn't want to disturb him. It was so cute!!

His hair is growing back very quickly where it was all shaved off... he continues to do very, very well!!

June 9th -

It's been a while since I have updated and Ajani Tut continues to enjoy life to the fullest. Him and Taiko have become best of buddies and have so much fun playing and rough housing together! Ajani has no problem keeping up, in fact he is usually the one instigating and chaising Taiko! They play very rough together but never hurt each other. It's all in FUN! Still continues to amaze us how well he does with only three legs!!

Here you see Ajani stalking Taiko, really to attack full on from behind!

Again sneaking up on Taiko all in fun...

Here Taiko has the toy spring and knows Ajani wants it... Ajani is coming to steal it away!

Look who WINS!!! Such a PROUD BOY!!

Ajani is almost ready to go to his new home, we certainly are really going to miss him. He has touched our hearts in so many ways but couldn't be more thrilled about the wonderful family that has opened their hearts and home to him. We know he will bring them much joy as they will to him! We have seen first hand and now know he will have no problems keeping up with his "new to be four legged fur-family" as he certainly hasn't had a problem here! Way to go Ajani Tut!!

It sure is heartwarming to have such a happy endings to such a tragic story!

June 18th -

Ajani Tut is just thriving! Enjoying everyday to the fullest! He will be heading for his new home in Edmonton, Alberta on July 5th. Everyone is ecstatic to finally meet him! It going to be an emotional day for us as we will be very sad to see him off and are going to miss him so much! Although I know his family will send us updates and lots of photos as they already have one of our babies from fall of 2009.... named Hobe Wyatt! Plus two other precious fur balls! Ajani is going to fit right in... I don't dought it for a second.

Here is a special photo of me and Ajani that I want to share. He will always hold a very special place within my heart FOREVER and EVER!!! Ajani has been an inspiration to our entire family and we feel so blessed he has touched our lives in so many ways!

Tracy and Ajani... I could squeeze him all day long!

Wishing you all the very best Ajani Tut!!

July 4th -

Well, tomorrow is the big day! Ajani's kennel is all ready marked and filled with toys and a comfy blanket to lay on for his travels.

He is all booked on Westjet's flight headed for Edmonton to meet his new family for the first time. It is going to be a very emotional day for us all as we have grown so very attached to him and are going to miss him dearly! His new family are all excited for him to finally be able to come home and meet the gang. Ajani will have 3 new feline siblings to get to know... one by the name of Hobe Wyatt who is an Aby they purchased from us last fall.

Look at how content he is...

...not a worry in the world!

We have been spending as much quality time with Ajani as we can and soaking up every minute of it! He started playing fetch a few days ago and hasn't stopped since!! He runs and fetches bringing it back dropping it right at your feet or if you are sitting down he will place it right in front of you. It's so much fun to see how proud he is as he brings it back over and over again!! Then he will plop down and take a short break before he's up and at it once again!

Ajani Tut's new favourite game... "Feline FETCH"!!!

Brings it back over and over.... Round ONE!

...Round 2!

....Round 3 and many more to follow!!!!

Time to rest and play "Feline Fishing".

Such a handsome, regal boy!!

July 5th -

Well, today is the day... One last playtime with Ajani before he is all ready to go!

After his playtime I put him in his kennel and he was in instant play mode!!

Look at that look on his face... PRICELESS!!!

Then he notices the block of ice that was in his water container... it had a skiff of water on the top and he thought that was AWESOME!!! He started batting at it and getting all excited!!

He kept batting at it until he stuck his whole face in! Oh, I must say I was almost on the floor laughing! He's such a character!!

He was licking at the block of ice and pressing his face in more...

and more...

Water is splahing everywhere and he pulls his face out all dripping wet!!

Looking so pleased with himself as water drips from his face!! Oh he is just always out to have a good time! He really makes the best of everything!! What an amazing little man he is!!

Well, he's all ready to go... Off to the Arirport headed for Edmonton!

It has been quite the journey looking back! One we will cherish FOREVER! Alot of life lessons have be learned from this inpirational furball!! ...and I'm sure many more to come.

I will be sure to update Ajani's tribute page as I receive updates from his new family. I don't suspect he will have any problems settling into his new home.

We will NEVER FORGET YOU Ajani Tut... you will always hold a special place within our hearts, FOREVER!!!


Ajani Tut's New Home Updates


July 5th - (Arriving home for the first time)

Hello Tracy,

Just got home after picking him up - he's absolutely beautiful and happy as can be!

He is very, very active since arriving home!
HE HAS BEEN PLAYING WITH US IN HIS ROOM ALL EVENING. Our sweet little orange boy was hanging around the door and slipped in as I went out. I ran to get him but Ajani sprang out from under the bed and tackled him and started wrestling him. Poor Spennie was so stunned ! He has been in and out of the room tonight and there has been no hissing at all. They seem to be just fine.
Wow! What a little dynamo!
Hobe Wyatt sniffed him under the door and has been growling a little. We'll try them tomorrow a bit.
Ajani is so sweet and so affectionate lots of purrs and head rubs.
We will kiss him good night for you!
Thanks so much Tracy!

July 6th -

Hi Tracy,

Good news! Ajani and HobeWyatt are now wrestling buddies. Ajani is a very agile wrestler. He leaps on HW while he is in one of those little cat beds with the peaked roof. They roll and tumble in there until one pops out, usually Ajani and them he's right back in for another attack.
This little guy is very confident. I let him out today to explore the house a bit. He Checked out every corner and pounced on many cats as he did so!
He is amazing. We are enjoying him so much. Thank you for him, Tracy.

July 10th -

Hi Tracy,

Here are a few shots of Ajani's first days here in his new home. He has become great friends with 2 of his brothers , the boss (Finn), isn't sure what to make of him. When Finn tries to put him in his place the little rascal jumps him and tries to wrestle!

From top to bottom... Hobe Wyatt, Spennie and Finn (Ajani's new fur family)... All wondering what on earth is going on in that room??? ...."Do we hear another cat!?"

He has also got Cirak (the dog) quite confused. Rather than run away when Cirak comes around he just stands there and puffs his tail. Cirak slinks away and he follows him, if Cirak lies down he comes right up and just stares at him. I think Cirak is a litle bit afraid of him. Its quite funny.

He's sure making himself right at home...

Ajani loves laying on his back!! He's such a HAM!!

Anyway, as you can tell he has made himself right at home. He semms to have no fear, just very, very curious. We are to be careful because if we open the fridge he will hop right inside.

Morgan and Ajani... what a SWEET phot!!!

Ajani just loves kids and is soaking it all in!! A hug from Morgan is just the BEST!! He is so happy!!

He is such a lover and a cuddler too. He has already stolen our hearts and any visitors who have met him too!

Ajani reaching for Hobe Wyatt's tail!! He never stops playing!!

Thanks for sending us this very special little boy, Tracy.

Best, Lynne

July 21st-

Ajani and Cirak...

Poor Cirak is not quite sure what to make of this guy. Ajani is very interested in Cirak. He will follow him and grab his back legs or swat at his tail. When Cirak tries to initiate some play then he puffs up and hisses at him. This morning he decided to try out Cirak's breakfast!

Ajani's canine sibling, Cirak... isn't quite sure what to make of Ajani's boldness!!

Especially when he is being a PEST!!! Ajani is giving poor Cirak a nip...

...and then pushes him to get his attention... look at Cirak's face! He looks a little confused... not too sure what to think!!

Goodness Ajani Tut... you really are FULL of PERSONALITY!!!!

Oh... the look on Cirak's face is priceless!!!!

...and now Ajani thinks Cirak should share his breakfast!!

WHAT A HAM... poor Cirak!!!!

We are having a blast just watching this ones antics. He has quite the personality.

Ajani and Hobe Wyatt just chill'in out together!!

Hope your summer holiday is going well so far. Its going way too fast for me!

Talk soon, Lynne

Sept 13th -

Hi Tracy!

The cats are doing very well. Ajani is always busy keeping us amused with his antics. He is a real character! He is so full of purrs and head butts and loves to be cuddled too.

Meagan and Ajani cuddling...

Every night when I settle into bed they all jump up and get their little cat treats. Ajani runs up his little step stool and pushes straight to the front of the group for his treats. After treats he brings his favorite toy for this week, a curled up fuzzy pipe cleaner that he stole from Morgans craft box. I toss it over to the floor and he dives for it and then scampers up his step stool, brings it over for more fetch! He will do this 10 or more times before he poops out.

Ajani's sleepy head.

Ajani's Aby buddy... Hobe Wyatt.

He is terrible for trying to get up on the counter during food preparation. He can't leap up on counters, so he will get on a kitchen chair, pop onto the table then leap acroos to the island. When we put him down he's right back up again the same route. If you turn your back for a minute he will rush in and grab a piece of food and run off with it!

Ajani continues to delight in tormenting poor Cirak. lol! He will get up onto something higher and sit there tapping Cirak on the face or even leans over and gives him a little bite on the ear. Cirak just shakes his head or gives a little yip of complaint. When we have Cirak sit down in the kitchen for an ear cleaning Ajani will always sit behind him and grab and play with his tail. Its so funny to watch. I will try to get my camera ready to catch some of his antics on film.

Fin and Spennie... Ajani's buddies!

He also continues to ponce on Finn! I think he may be wearing poor Finn down cause I caught them sitting together last week and Finn was licking him. Well, until Ajani pounced and started to wrestle! Finn left in a huff and Ajani was left sitting there with this look on his face like, "Why did he leave? Whats his problem?"

Well thats the news with the abbys in our household! As you can tell they are a constant source of entertainment! Mr. AjaniTut has definately stolen everyones heart!

Take care. Best to you and the family and all your kitties.


Sept 17th -

Hi Tracy,

Well, yesterday happened to be sheet changing day for our beds.

As you can see I had lots of help!

And yet...... it seemed to take much longer than usual ! lol
I'll send more pics as opportunities arise.


Sept 28th -

Hi Tracy,

Just had to tell you a funny Ajani story!

Last Sunday we had a lovely roast dinner. I was carving the roast and turned my back to check something on the stove. During the 1 or 2 seconds my back was turned our "little angel" popped up onto the island, snatched the roast and proceeded to run off with half the roast in his mouth ( fork still in it) ! Mansel was qiuck enough to catch it before it hit the floor! Wish I had snapped that photo!

He continues to entertain and keep us on our toes ........ everyday.

Ajani's kisses!

He loves to give sweet little kisses so its hard to stay mad at him. lol

Best to all,
Lynne and Ajani Tut

Dec 10th -

Hi Tracy,

I was just thinking about you this week and thinking that I need to send some photos of our pair of rascals. They are both doing very well.

Ajani and Hobe Wyatt play fighting

Spennie, Hobe and Ajani just hanging out...

Ajani ... Playing Peek-a-boo!!

He continues to keep us amused with his antics. He has explored our Xmas tree and pretty much knocked off all the ornaments on the lower half of the tree.

Christmas 2010!!

He loves helping with the Chrismas present wrapping. Both Ajani and Hobe Wyatt explore every bag that enters the house!

As you can see Ajani is thriving and becoming quite a big boy. He and Hobe are great buddies and are often partners in crime when getting into trouble! Ajani loves shredding the paper off the ends of wrapped presents.

He continues to torment Cirak and especially loves to lay on the floor between the island and the fridge sprawled across the space to block Cirak! Cirak will sit down and yip and whine for us to move Ajani so he can pass. Maybe someday they will become good friends.

PS... I threw in a couple of the long suffering dog Cirak . lol
Ajani's nemesis.

Ajani waiting for Santa... dreaming of furry mice and canary soup!

Best Christmas wishes to you and the family,

Ajani's buddies... Spennie and Finn!

Ajani is so fortunate to have such a wonderful two and four legged family!!

Feb 8, 2011-

Hi Tracy,

A few picks of our 2 rascals. Just as we had hoped they are very much best buddies. Ajani's birthday is coming up soon! Morgan is planning a party (LOL) so we will send you the pics.

All the best,
Lynne, HW and 'jani T


Feb 26, 2011 -

Everyone wishes you a very, very Happy 1st Birthday

Ajani Tut!!


Hi Tracy,

Sending you a few picks of Ajani on his 1 year old birthday!

Morgan made him a delicious Cat cake.

Hobe Wyatt and Ajani sharing...

Morgan and Ajani...Such a BEAUTIFUL photo!!!

Take Care, Lynne

March 7, 2011 -



...Oh when Lynne sent me these photos... it REALLY made me giggle!! You see... Cirak (their dog) didn't mind cats... until Ajani came along, took over the house and bossed poor Cirak around. Ajani makes sure he lays full length across the kitchen floor so Cirak can't come in...Cirak stands at the kitchen door and whines for Lynne or Mansel to move Ajani so Cirak... otherwise he won't enter.

Then at Christmas Lynne and Mansel went away and boarded Cirak... they had a cat sitter come to the house for the cats... well Ajani was even more bossy to Cirak when he returned... Now LOOK!! Ajani had TAKEN OVER Cirak's BED!! He looks SOOO PROUD!! ...What a BRAT! These aby's (even with three legs) OWN everything... including their owners!!

As the saying goes... "Cats RULE... dogs, druel!!" ...Poor Cirak!!

I just had to share these... Look how happy Ajani looks!! He certainly couldn't be more spoiled!!

~ Tracy



Hi Tracy,

A few more pics for you.

Since turning the big number 1. Ajani has taken over a new spot to sleep!

He has discovered Cirak's bed in the computer room! lol

Cirak has wisely let him have it.

Have more birthday picks on Morgan,s camera too, but have not uploaded them yet. Will send some more soon.


March 9, 2011-

Hi Tracy,

Ajani is our household terror and absolute lovebug!!! He enjoyed his birthday festivities and was not at all shy being the centre of attention. lol

I remember when we heard about his accident and then agonized over the decision to still take him. We definitely made the right decision.

He is a little terror and tries to rule the roost but he is also so sweet and vulnerable too. He knows his limits and seems to have found all sorts of accommodations for his disability.

He cannot always jump up on the bathroom counter to drink from the tap (HobeWyatt is obsessed with drinking from the taps lately. Ajani will hop over and just sit down and look up at you with this tiny silent little mew and wait for you to pick him up. He never runs away or wiggles when he is picked up he always purrs and gives us loving head rubs.

So glad we made that decision to take him......... he is a real gem!

I will send you more pics as soon as I get them on the computer. Wish I had had my camera ready last night as... The roast thief struck again!

Have to go now, HW is making it very hard to type tonight!

Pushy things these Abys! lol

Best to you and family,


More updates on Ajani Tut as they come...






"Photos of this special boy..."

Newborn photos moments after his birth... Feb 26, 2010

More precious newborn photos...

...latching on for their first meal!

Taken March 8th with his blue brother at 10 days old... Eyes just opening.

This photo was taken March 24th when he was 26 days old...

...just getting used to his feet!

Such a confident sweet face.. These were taken on April 9th at 6 weeks old

One of his special toys... a sparkle ball!

Playtime... ALWAYS fun!!

He LOVES Feathers as you can see!

April 26th, he is just over 8 weeks old here.... these were taken just 5 days before his tragic accident!

He's such a sweet boy and has stole the hearts of everyone who meets him!

Four legs.. three legs! It doesn't change who he is! He's a VERY SPECIAL boy and loved beyond words!!

March 4th... Just got home for our vet's office and he's SOAKING UP LOVE!!!

Lov'in that chin rub!

Chew'in on some fingers...

He's so FULL OF LIFE!!

I can not discribe it... He empowers us with LOVE! He is handing it all so well... and certainly doesn't feel the least bit sorry for himself!

We love him more than we ever have!!


Tracy Fasciana
Abayomi Abyssinians Cattery

"Our Little Lions of Love"